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November 2, 2023

A weekend in Lefkada

In this blog we will give you some suggestions to spend three days , starting from Friday and leaving on Monday, of joy and relaxation for you and your family.

So when you reach Lefkada on Friday you go to your apartment to relax , leave your staff and get comfortable. You can see in the following link of the blog some accommodation proposals depending on the area of the island that you ‘re gonna stay :

After you charge your batteries , the first thing to do is to go to the beach for a swim. If you stay in the town and you need something near your house because you have been traveling for many hours and you want to find easy parking area , Agios Ioannis Beach is a very good choice.

It has clean crystal waters with blue colour. As you take your bath you see the mountain , the traditional windmills , which makes the scenery magnificent. It’s an organized beach, you can find sunbeds easily or you can have your personal umbrella .

After you finish your swimming , it’s time to eat at the restaurant’s of the beach.

The first choice is Varko Summer Bar Resto . You can taste greek , modern cuisine. grill and barbecue , seafood , sweat and pastry with the accompaniment of music. It’s also famous for it’s cocktails.

Tilegrafos is a very good choice also with high standard Greek cuisine with the use of fresh fish, meats and products which will make you fall in love with the Greek culture . 

The final restaurant of the beach is Liogerma. It has very nice greek traditional cuisine.

In these restaurants we mentioned to you ,you can drink also your coffee cocktail or whatever else you would like.

After you finish your meal it’s time to visit the town of Lefkada . Ioannou mela street is a big sidewalk full of shops restaurants and bars where you can make your shopping ,visit the local churches and the phonograph museum if you are a culture lover, have a drink in the traditional taverns or eat a fresh ice cream .

the phonograph museum

Gwgw geuseis tavern

As you continue your walk you reach the central square of Lefkada

As you continue you reach the bars of the local street

At the end of Ioannou mela it begins Aggelou Sikelianou where you meet the graphical bridge of Ponte more bars and restaurants with exceptional food.

Ιn this place you can also have a cocktail at Karma coffee bar next to the sea and the wooden bridge or have clubbing with well known dee jays.

Few meters away there is another bar called Taratsa with very nice view and music

So this is a suggestion the first date at Lefkada.

At Saturday you can go to Agios Nikitas Village and then to Kathisma beach.

These places are not far away from town fifteen to twenty minutes with your car.

The first destination Agios NIkitas Village is a place full of life.

When you reach the village you can enjoy the panoramic view and the beauty of the place

As you walk inside the village there are many shops and restaurants ,coffee bars just next to the beach.

The beach of the village is absolutely amazing with it’s clean waters.

From the beach of Agios Nikitas you can take the boat for one of the most wonderful beaches of Lefkada Mylos

The next station is Kathisma beach 5 minutes away from Agios Nikitas.

One of the most famous beaches worldwide.

Kathisma beach, facing the Ionian archipelago, is the island’s prime beach. You can reach it easily by car or by public transport after having enjoyed a pleasant route on the west coastline and exceptional views. One of the longest beaches of Lefkada with fine white sand and sparkling waters of amazing turquoise color. The beach is surrounded by an idyllic mountain backdrop which offers a feeling of total isolation, despite the intense tourist activity. It is an organised strand with plenty of sun beds and umbrellas and numerous accommodation options to be found close by. There is everything to make your destination fully functional.

MoreoverKathisma serves all kinds of tastes. Single travelers can find a spot to relax and at the same time to be at the center of entertainment while families can have enough space. Adventurers have the chance to try extreme sports like paragliding and also explore some caves at the eastern part. Nudists also have their own spot there.

There are 2 beach bars that have perfect view to the sea, where you can even arrange your marriage reception! In August, you will definitely catch the sun plunging into the deep horizon in late afternoons. Thrilling and romantic moments that will make you crazy about returning to marvelous Kathisma.

If you love extreme sports you should do the famous paragliding . An experience of a lifetime.

One of the beach bars you have to go at Kathisma is Copla.

The ultimate summer destination for relaxation and entertainment on the beautiful island of Lefkada. Situated right on the beach, where the gentle waves of the Ionian Sea caress the soft, white sands of Kathisma Beach, Copla Beach Bar offers a serene escape and a premium experience.

When you leave Kathisma the next destination is Rachi to enjoy the beautiful sunset over the clouds.

In the southwest of lefkas, at a height of 600 meters you can visit Exanthia, a traditional village located in a mountainous region.
Surrounded by forest and built amphitheatrically on the slope of the mountain, Exanthia combines the tranquility of the countryside with the frankness of its people, showing total respect to the visitor.

The blue horizon offering an exquisite view of the Ioanian Sea is really enticing to those who actually wish to drink their coffee, savour our homemade delicacies from the traditional wood-fired oven, our freshly gathered vegetables from our garden, taste our local meat and enjoy our wine.

And finally, after this blend of tastes and smells you will be able to relax listening to nice music and let the eyes of your imagination “paint” the horizons of your heart in the hues of the azure sea and the setting sun!

If you are not tired, Saturday night is the best for a drink at the local nightclubs.

The Karma at Aggelou Sikelianou street

Taratsa open at Dimitriou Golemi

The best nightclub of Lefkada is definitely Capital Oulof Palme and N. Svoronou street.

So for the final day on Sunday you denifitely have to visit some other famous beaches of Lefkada .

You start with Egremnoi Beach.

The unique beauty of Egremni Beach at Lefkada has made it one of the world’s most photographed landscapes. The water surrounding the beach is clear, turquoise blue and provides one of Europe’s best settings for swimming. Egremni Beach is also one of Lefkada’s longest beaches, measuring over 2.5 kilometers in length. Anyone seeking peace and relaxation in a picturesque environment will probably not be disappointed with this beautiful area of Lefkada.

Egremni beach annually attracts many people and is considered one of the most beautiful Greek beaches. Its name is derived from the impressive cliffs that surround the beach and the huge rocks that look like they are hanging over it.

Every day daily cruises arrive to the beach with hundreds of people. The beach is too big so it doesn’t get overcrowded.

Another beautiful beach you definitely need to visit is Porto Katsiki.

Porto Katsiki beach is unique on the Ionian Greek island of Lefkada. The name is said to be because formerly only goats could reach this area. The beach is famed for its landscape and clear blue sea. It is located at the bottom of a concave pale cliff. It is located southwest of the Lefkada city town.

The natural beauty of Porto Katsiki beach offers one of the most impressive themes that Lefkada Island is famous for. Driving to the beach in the summer is a bit scary.

Porto Katsiki beach is very overworked over the summer period. You can see this on the picture below. Thousands of visitors around the world visit Lefkada just for coming to Porto Katsiki beach.
Above the beach you can find small coffee shops in order to buy refreshments or you can order refreshments and coffee on the beach.

At Porto Katsiki beach, paid parking exists, but you can park on the roads before of them.

Famous one day cruises at Lefkada passing by every day. When is not full season the park the boats at the beach, but when is overcrowded they let you a bit far of the beach, and you can dive from the boats into the sea. It is a very good way to reach Porto Katsiki.

Υou can also take the chance and visit Cape Lefkatas it’s not far away from Porto Katsiki.

The next beach is Agiofili beach and is located just a few kilometers away from Vasiliki village. It offers an excellent chance for some adventure in case you opt for getting there on foot, walking down the path for about 20 minutes will bring you to the white sandy beach with the crystal turquoise waters. During the hot summer months, it is more convenient to take a boat from Vasiliki that departs from the little port, where restaurants and cafes are located. The ticket is affordable and you will gain more hours at this little paradise.

Agiofili is a non-organised beach, so it’s highly recommendable to bring some food and water with you. The last years it has a small shop with waters. There is no doubt that you will stay over longer than planned.

When you finish your swimming you go for a walk to Vassiliki Village. It’s full of taverns restaurants and shops/

And to finish your weekend with a visit to Nydri.

Μore information about Nydri and how to spend your time there, in this blog:

We hope these suggestions will help you to have a perfect weekend in our island.

Check out and the other blogs of our site for more information about our beautiful Lefkada.

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